No Thanks to mostly seamless travel experiences in precedence, I had little sympathy for travellers who lacked fundamental mindfulness; who ate into other travellers’ time due to their negligence in flight-related due diligence until this episode -

A short story which reminds me that EVERYTHING I DO, I DO with reverence to ART and in honour AND IN SERVICE to artISTS. 

One day at the airport, I encountered an artist  - he carried an antique toolbox that was much too heavy for the cabin - and in turn delayed check-in process for everyone who stood behind him in queue. 

The airline staff at the check-in counter had to ask the artist to "throw away some of your things (from his toolbox),” - undermining the value of the artist and his belongings altogether because "your things definitely cost much less than 200 euros (the price of the additional checked-in luggage),” the airline employee added to the artist. 

Again during security screening, the artist was stopped for having too many tubes of oil paints and brushes. He was instructed by security staff to discard even more things. I noticed him again because this time round, he exclaimed in apparent distress, “I cannot throw away any more things. Just now they asked me to throw away so many things and I cannot anymore!” 

Briefly, I glanced into the artist’s toolbox and gathered that the tubes of paints indeed could be fitted into a sealable bag with adherence to flight safety guidelines. The airline and security staff may have had been asking for a bit too much.

I imagined the artist’s belongings were valuable and so he might not have been inclined to check in anything lest he lost those objects.

I cannot imagine how many artists have to go through similar discriminatory experiences - based on ignorant societal constructs or a general lack of awareness - so I would like to share the following message to artists: 

Artists - claim your rights - let your voice be heard; let your face be seen. Take and own your power.

I also want to declare that FutureHere stands in solidarity with artists - the seen and the unseen; the heard and the unheard. We engage with the likes of global forums like One Young World, United Nations and the Sustainable Development Goals, in addition to governments and decision makers across the globe, to champion #ArtforGlobalGoals; #ArtforSDGs in accelerating action for human rights, development and peace on Earth through art and artists — and we want to hear your voice and share your stories to create an equally-represented perspectivespectrum of needs for diverse, inclusive future-building.

We are all artists and creators - whether you are creating a painting, a building, a business, an ecosystem or a new world. We look forward to the day when you internalise this identity that encompasses intelligence beyond the intellect - because when combined with a scientific approach to actualise what you can visualise, you will be opened to infinite new dimensions and possibilities for progress, growth and development for yourself, for the world and for the planet.

Write to us at contact(at)futurehereco(dot)com and we will respond to each and every one of you and share each and every story worth telling - to an audience with who have the brain, heart and spirit to inspire and activate action for a better future today.

This is your time.

Veronica Neo